Global Recovery Observatory

The Global Recovery Observatory brings transparency to global government spending during the COVID-19 crisis. The intent of the Observatory is to showcase exemplary policy solutions, identify lost opportunities. and direct governments towards more impactful and sustainable investment. The full database is updated regularly and can be downloaded here. N.B. Processing of US Infrastructure and Jobs Act in progress.

The Observatory draft methodology document is available here. The report Are We Building Back Better? analyses 2020 data presented in the Observatory.

The Global Recovery Observatory tracks and assesses every individual COVID-19 related fiscal spending policy announced by the 50 leading economies (countries to be added) for potential impacts on the environment and the socio-economy. The Observatory database is updated weekly. This data visualisation is developed by UNDP and utilises the Observatory data. It also draws inspiration from a report led by Oxford University Economic Recovery Project and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Are We Building Back Better? Evidence from 2020 and Pathways for Inclusive Green Recovery Spending.

How to use the Global Recovery Observatory

The first view will give you a global snapshot of the 50 leading economies’ green recovery spending. By clicking on a country circle, you will be able to see the breakdown of all recovery efforts by policy archetypes. Click on the policy and drill down to find out more about each policy and it’s relative ‘greenness’ based on potential impact on long- and short-term Green House Gas emissions, air pollution, natural capital, quality of life, inequality and rural livelihood. Data is focusing on ‘recovery’ spending as opposed to ‘rescue’ spending.

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