Roadmap to Green Recovery

in partnership with Vivid Economics. Supported by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and the ClimateWorks Foundation.

October 2021

We develop a handbook for policy makers and advocates to understand the phases of economic recovery and rationale for green investment at each phase. This handbook explores policy design, financing, and governance structures with key case studies in COVID-19 response for three nations with high reliance on coal-fired energy: India, China, and Poland. To better understand the economic, social, and environmental impacts of green investment compared to traditional and dirty investment, this handbook presents a series of modelling approaches which might be applied in any nation.

Suggested Citation: O’Callaghan, B., Kingsmill, N., Waites, F., Aylward-Mills, D., Bird, J., Roe, P., Beyer, J., Bondy, M., Aron, J., and Murdock, E (2021). Roadmap to Green Recovery. Oxford University Economic Recovery Project.