How much should developed countries pay?

A project on the post-2025 climate finance goal under Article 9 of the Paris Agreement 

Oxford academics are providing support towards the development of an appropriate goal for post-2025 financial transfers under Article 9 of the Paris agreement.
The project has three actions (see further details in charter):
  1. consult with experts and representatives of CMA party groupings to understand the full range of potential methodologies being considered for a scientifically-, economically-, and socially-defensible goal;
  2. develop and publish a first-principles assessment to determine the range of justifiable targets for a post-2025 goal that take “into account the needs and priorities of developing countries”; and
  3. support the COP27 presidency and/or subsidiary/constituted bodies and/or party groupings in preparation for CMA negotiations on the topic of a post-2025 goal (see Appendix A).

Record of consultations

16th of December 2021 | Introductory meeting with UNECA (1 hour)
External participants: Jean-Paul Adam (UNECA); Ling Lou (UNECA); Deka Moussa Ragueh (independent); James Murombedzi (UNECA – African Climate Policy Centre); Guy Nicolas Nahimana (UNECA).
Internal participants: Brian O’Callaghan (Oxford and Harvard); Katie Polkinghorne (Oxford)

Key Contacts

Team lead: Brian O’Callaghan (University of Oxford and Harvard University)


Research and logistics assistance: Katherine Polkinghorne (University of Oxford)